Complete Design-In Process for our Customers’ Needs

We at SFC KOENIG® pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of our customers’ processes and operations, and thrive on helping them improve productivity, quality and profitability with unique customized development and consulting competences. The team at SFC KOENIG follows a full design-in process approach, using our engineering expertise in a broad variety of industry-specific applications, and providing top-class after-sales support. We continually maintain these high standards with ongoing employee training, aiming to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our clients within the sectors of mobility (automotive, commercial vehicles), fluid power (mobile and stationary) and precision (medical, aviation & aerospace, maritime and offshore) appreciate individually tailored solutions resulting from our design-in process. From the initial design consultation, through the development and evaluation stages to the final integration into automated processes and serial production, SFC KOENIG commits solution-oriented engineering know-how to support our clients in achieving their quality, process and cost targets.

With a continuing focus on our world-class sealing and flow control technology, SFC KOENIG stands for the highest levels of customer excellence, sustainability and reliability.

Below 1 PPM Testing

One of the most important elements of our reliability is consistency. Our sealing and flow control products and quality control processes are engineered to consistently deliver failure rates less than 1 PPM. This commitment perfectly expresses how we support our industry partners to optimize their manufacturing operations, so our expander plug, flow control orifice and check valve products consistently perform at the required quality levels. The result: higher-value products and improved profitability.


As the world leader in sealing and flow control, we have used our decades of experience to develop a broad range of expander plug, flow control orifice and check valve products. We offer both standard and custom-designed solutions based around our KOENIG EXPANDER®KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® product lines.

All of our expander plug, flow control orifice and check valve solutions are designed to meet exact and unique quality standards. By offering extensive application know-how in various market segments and intensive customer support, SFC KOENIG has become the world’s premier resource for sealing and flow control technology.


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