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Image credits:
Photos from our facilities, machines and our products ©Oliver Oettli/
Photo Startpage “Woman in front of whiteboard” 576902490 ©alvarez/
Photo Startpage “Vehicle Powertrain” 1321438365 ©Christian Bittmann/
Photo Startpage “Aerospace” 955952680 ©Jag_cz/
Photo Startpage “Commercial Vehicle” 1032733994 ©Bim/
Photo Startpage “Medical” 1215243668 ©HRAUN/
Photo Startpage “Construction” 509554790 ©AzmanL/
Photo Startpage “E-mobility” 1354070884 ©SimonSkafar/
Photo Startpage “Oil and Gas” 636032898 ©nielubieklonu/
Photo Startpage “Agriculture” 1222876595 ©Bim/
Photo Startpage “Landscape” 1321438365 ©Christian Bittmann/
Photo Contact “2 People” 1356070782 ©mixetto/
Photo Careers “2 man at work” 535474757 ©stocknroll/
Photo Supplier “Supplier Foto” 112156521 ©Martin Barraud/
Photo Supplier “Supplier Foto” 155385262 ©esp_imaging/
Photo Distributors “Photo” 1214889162 ©DKosig/
Photo Sustainability “Trees” 1317323736 ©GettyTim82/
Photo Sustainability “Leaf” 1325917696 ©BlackSalmon/
Photo Sustainability “holding planet” 1435661969 ©FG Trade Latin/
Photo Sustainability “employees” 1443875817 ©JLco – Julia Amaral/
Photo Sustainability “14001” ©Dmitry Kovalchuk/
Video Startpage “E-mobility” 1342564036 ©SimonSkafar/
Video Supplier “Road transport” 1326090245 ©Andrey Grishayev/
Video Sustainability 1361739284 ©TopWarut/


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