FLOW CONTROL – About Our Control Orifice Restrictor & Check Valve Products

SFC KOENIG® flow restrictors and check valve products provide reliable, proven performance and easy installation for a wide range of applications. The KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® combine our industry-leading flow control and sealing expertise, with products that provide precise fluid control with low total costs. Using a unique, one-piece design, our flow restrictor and check valve models are available in a wide variety of sizes and pressure ratings, providing a precise orifice flow control solution.


Well-suited for deep-hole locations, the KOENIG RESTRICTOR is a proven, cost-effective orifice flow restrictor that can be configured for your requirements. These one-piece flow restrictors feature a durable, stainless-steel construction and are available in a variety of sizes and pressures.

Since they do not require thread machining, reaming, sealants or adhesive compounds, our flow restrictor solutions reduce the risk of contamination and provide substantial savings in production and labor costs. They utilize a one-piece design that allows for easy installation, even in automated manufacturing environments, and effectively prevent side leakage. SFC KOENIG flow control orifice restrictors safely and securely withstand vibration and high-pressure environments, and if needed, even offer an easy removal procedure.

Pressure rated up to 200 bar, our KOENIG RESTRICTOR models accommodate orifice diameters as small as 0.020 inch. A screened flow restrictor option designed to protect smaller orifice diameters is also available.

The KOENIG RESTRICTOR flow control solution offers models and options to meet many flow and orifice restriction application requirements.

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KOENIG CHECK VALVE products provide precise flow control and incorporate our unrivaled metal-to-metal sealing technology that effectively prevents side leakage. Our check valves utilize a one-piece, ball-style, self-contained design for easy installation and dependable performance. Available in both forward-flow and reverse-flow models, KOENIG CHECK VALVE products are available in range of standard size diameters and flow rates.

With rugged stainless steel construction and a self-contained design, KOENIG CHECK VALVE products will reliably anchor, even in high-vibration environments. Pressure rated for up to 300 bar, KOENIG CHECK VALVE is available with 1 +/- 0.3 bar cracking pressures, which can be optimized to meet design requirements.

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Both the KOENIG RESTRICTOR and the KOENIG CHECK VALVE easily install into an as-drilled hole. The flow restrictor or check valve is dropped into a counter-bored hole and then the product’s integrated pin is pushed inside to expand the sleeve. The grooves on the outside of the sleeve anchor into the base material, providing a clean installation and precise flow control.

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SFC KOENIG flow control orifice restrictors and check valves are reliable with proven performance.


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