Precision Orifice Flow Control & Sealing


The precision sector incorporates the medical, aviation and aerospace industries. With over 40 years of experience in these markets, SFC KOENIG® has developed and engineered expander plugprecision orifice restrictorcheck valve and microhydraulics technology for sealing drilled bores that is easy, quick and reliable. Our solutions are extremely resilient, which is especially critical when considering that each solution may need to be designed specifically for the unique conditions of the application.

The solutions provided by SFC KOENIG meet the highest quality standards. Our expander plug, precision orifice restrictor and check valve solutions comply with a range of certifications, offering the highest level of safety and reliability with less than 1 PPM field failure rates. Engineering and technical field support completes our dedicated service to our customers, saving them time and money in their assembly processes.


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The medical and health care industries have very stringent specifications when it comes to material and sealing solutions. Our expander plugprecision orifice restrictor and check valve products are proven reliable even in mission-critical applications, and are found in diverse medical equipment and microhydraulic applications such as:

  • analgesia equipment
  • anesthesia machines
  • diagnostic equipment
  • dental equipment
  • environmental controls
  • gas control systems
  • gurneys & hospital beds
  • hydraulic pneumatic control systems
  • incubators
  • MRI tables
  • optical equipment & instruments
  • oxygen blenders
  • respiration equipment
  • surgical devices
  • therapeutic machinery
SFC Koenig precision orifice flow control for medical equipments


SFC KOENIG offers a full line of sealing, flow control and microhydraulic solutions, though our corrosion-resistant KOENIG EXPANDER® plugs are often selected for the extremely aggressive conditions of maritime and offshore applications. Our expander plugprecision orifice restrictor and check valve diverse sealing and flow control solutions have been used in applications such as:

  • crank casings
  • drill head safeguarding
  • inland waterway shipping
  • lubrication pumps
  • natural gas compressors
  • probes to measure fluid density
  • trawler fishing gear
SFC Koenig precision orifice flow control for offshore & marine applications


The airline and space flight industries impose the highest demands stipulating nothing less than absolute reliability, coupled with low weight and the highest load-bearing capacity. Our expander plugprecision orifice restrictor and check valve products are proven reliable even under the most extreme conditions. SFC KOENIG maintains many certification standards and has worked with many of the world’s leading aerospace companies, providing components for applications including:

  • APUs (auxiliary power units)
  • braking systems
  • cargo management systems
  • doors’ cargo actuation systems
  • flight control actuation
  • fuel control systems and accessories
  • ground support systems
  • HVAC systems
  • landing gear
  • propeller and/or vane blade pitch controls
  • thrust reverser systems
  • weapon release systems
SFC Koenig precision orifice flow control for aerospace applications


With their small size and dependable operation, SFC KOENIG sealing and flow control technologies meet the specialized needs associated with precision microhydraulic applications. Customers in medical, aerospace, aviation and maritime sectors trust our expander plugprecision orifice restrictor and check valve products to perform even in the most critical applications. Our micro-sized components reliably seal and control flow in a variety of hydraulic functions in these sectors, making SFC KOENIG solutions the preferred choice for microhydraulic products.