CO2 neutral

We have been CO2 neutral for all our operating sites since 2022.

At the beginning of 2021, we calculated the CO2 emissions in our direct sphere of influence for our production site in Switzerland, as well as carrying out voluntary climate financing. We expanded this initiative to all our sites in Germany, the USA and China in the year 2022, calculated our global emissions, and supported corresponding climate protection projects. Despite our efforts to reduce emissions, there remain some residual emissions that we have been unable to fully avoid (so far).

We were awarded the “Engaged for Impact” label by myclimate for our emissions reductions.

Mission ZERO – 2030

At SFC KOENIG we will have reached the net-zero target along the entire value creation chain by 2030.

This comprehensive approach takes into consideration the environmental impacts outside of our direct business activities – those caused during the entire lifecycle of our products, including materials and procurement, sales, product use and the end of lifetime (Scope 3 emissions).

It is both our corporate vision and promise to explore our own climate neutrality in-depth and in the long term, and to take extensive sustainable action to achieve these goals.

We strive to assume a pioneering role in climate protection – out of conviction and out of our sense of responsibility for society.


We work continuously to make sustainability an essential component in every phase of a product’s lifecycle – along the entire value creation chain.

Global warming presents us with enormous ecological and social challenges! At SFC KOENIG, it goes without saying that we handle our resources responsibly, and that we will also establish further guidelines to save CO2 for our raw materials suppliers and the entire supply chain.

100% green energy and e-mobility

We use 100% sustainably produced electricity at all our SFC KOENIG sites. And since November 2022, we have been running a number of fully electrical company vehicles. In addition, we installed charging stations for electric vehicles that can be used free of charge by our customers and partners.

Certified company

Climate protection is an integral part of our management system and covered by ISO 14001. Furthermore, we have our CO2 monitoring audited by myclimate, and we pay our climate fee voluntarily. This has earned us the Impact Label as a company that operates sustainably.


We have an extensive waste disposal programme. Paper, cardboard, wood, PET, aluminium, e-waste, PE plastic and all recyclable materials that accumulate during production are properly separated and fed directly back in to the recycling loop.


New hedge for biodiversity in Dietikon

Together with the infrastructure department of the city of Dietikon and the nature conservation association, an ecologically diverse hedge was planted as part of the campaign “Strengthening biodiversity in Dietikon”. The aim of this hedge planting is to create new habitats for various animal and plant species.

Wings for Life Run

Wings for Life is a charitable organisation that supports top research worldwide. The great goal of its work is to heal paraplegia.
On May 5th, 2024, we as an SFC KOENIG team from Germany and Switzerland ran 288 km for Wings for Life.

IDEX – Environmental Impact AWARD

SFC KOENIG received this year’s IDEX Environmental Impact Award, in recognition of the fact that SFC KOENIG is becoming increasingly environment friendly thanks to improvements in operational efficiency, and by shifting our production focus. The Environmental Impact Award honours outstanding achievements that contribute towards mitigating the impacts of our business activities on the environment, developing products that make a considerable contribution towards climate protection and establish a sustainability culture in a company.

SCOPE 3 emissions

We began analysing the global data for our Scope 3 emissions at the beginning of 2024.
Why have we started this already?
It is imperative for us that Scope 3 emissions be included in our analyses in order to understand the full extent of our impacts on the environment, and to be able to reduce these in future.

Green oasis for our city: creating a blossoming future together

Our cities are abundantly planted with trees, bushes, and a variety of flowers. At SFC KOENIG, we are proud to have played a role in creating theses spaces. Thanks to our sustainable activities, we are contributing towards biodiversity and the quality of the urban climate.

Our employees benefit

At SFC KOENIG, we do everything in our power to create working conditions and workplaces for our employees that are sustainable and pleasant.

Our new modernised open-space area was completed in June 2023 and offers our employees a bright, spacious, and creative area to carry out their office work. Sustainability and proximity were the prime focuses when choosing the fittings and furniture for our premises.

Engagement in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sustainability for our communities: We are designing the future at all our sites.
We at SFC KOENIG are proud to make a positive contribution to the communities we operate in. We actively strive for a better future through our sustainability activities. Various projects at every single site are carried out with the clear goal of pursuing sustainable development.

Clean drinking water for schools in Uganda

We are already investing today in our global future – and supporting the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).
SFC KOENIG is investing in climate protection projects certified in line with international standards, and at the same time supports the goals for sustainable development globally.

Our 2022 Sustainability Report

Our 2022 Sustainability Report (SFC KOENIG is a unit of IDEX Corporation) highlights the work we do in the most important sustainability areas, which is compiled and presented through this analysis and other ongoing stakeholder participations. It reflects our continuous commitment to sustainability.

635 t of CO2 saved in 2022 through emissions-reduced steel

In 2022, 20% of the steel we used was emissions reduced, allowing us to save 635 t of CO2.
We are committed to switching our entire raw material requirements to low-emission steel in the future.

SFC KOENIG Clean Up Day 2023

It goes without saying that we will be there on the day! And we are proud of that. SFC KOENIG employees and their friends and families in Switzerland, Germany and the USA contribute to keeping their local surroundings clean. This year, we are back again on 14 September 2024, coming together to free the world of rubbish and waste.

Food Drive

Every year, we donate and collect food at all our SFC KOENIG sites worldwide, which is then distributed to people in need, soup kitchens, children’s homes, refugees and victims of catastrophes. We are shaping the future at every single SFC KOENIG site.

Metal to metal: our products are 100% recyclable!

Our products consist of steel and aluminium, and they are 100% recyclable. Their progressive design makes it possible to reuse and treat them, thus reducing the demand for primary raw materials and actively contributing towards a more sustainable future. As an environmentally aware company, we are proud that our products are not only long-lasting, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

The ‘Aufschnaufhaus’ children’s care centre

The SFC KOENIG team renovated and painted the kitchen at the ‘Aufschnaufhaus’, a facility for the short-term care of children with special needs run by the registered association Lebenshilfe Donau-Iller e.V. The project was funded by the IDEX Foundation.

Wheelchair-accessible playpark for children in Germany

The employees of SFC KOENIG GmbH, together with a landscape gardener, made the existing playground at Lebenshilfe Donau-Iller e.V. wheelchair accessible. The path to the swings was expanded to be usable for all residents of the facility, and a protective surface was installed beneath the swings. The surrounding green areas were designed as flower and herb meadows.
We do our bit for climate protection!