With 5+ billion parts installed and failure rates <1 PPM, SFC KOENIG® is recognized as a global leader in sealing and flow control. We offer a full line of flow restrictor models. While our products can be customized to meet your performance and design specifications, our engineers have developed a helpful Orifice Size Calculator that allows users to estimate which KOENIG RESTRICTOR® model may best fit their application requirements.

Please enter some basic details into our Orifice Size Calculator form below to estimate the orifice size needed in mm. Alternatively, please use our Flow Rate Calculator to determine the correct part based on the desired flow rate.

If you would like engineering support, we are happy to provide design-in assistance and advisement. Our expert team is experienced in a wide range of automotive, fluid power and specialty applications. For support please contact us, or request a quote for a Series RE flow restrictor for your application.

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NOTE: If the 'Orifice Size' is larger than the maximum plug size text please select a larger restrictor body size or reduce the flow rate.

* Results of flow rate and orifice size calculations are estimates only. Calculations presented may be affected by additional factors, and use of results is at your own risk. The specifics of any application should be reviewed with and SFC KOENIG representative.