SFC KOENIG® CEO Alparslan Kütükcüoglu Interviewed in Gasgoo

Thu, 09/17/2015

1. SFC KOENIG is the leader of sealing technology, especially for the auto industry – could you introduce briefly your products for automotive?

Our products take care of safety and control of all sorts of components related to fluid systems, starting with hydraulics, but also fuel systems, cooling systems, etc. Engineers of our customers design-in our products with the help of our specialists. Our solutions command highest in class performance and quality.

2. How should one define a good sealing solution? What requirements are always a top priority?

Sealing solution should make sure to offer lifetime safety.  Therefore our specialists work closely with customers to qualify our solutions in the specific application and requirements of the client. Further it should offer an advantage from the Total Cost of Ownership point of view. SFC KOENIG has the broadest product line in the industry and can offer the optimal solution. SFC KOENIG has more than 40 years of experience in sealing solutions, with a long in-field quality performance below 1 ppm.

3. How does sealing impact on the quality of braking, oil injection, engines and transmission?

First and foremost: safety and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, these products are critical for proper system function. Design engineers of our customers can simplify and improve the designs of components. They can downsize and reduce weight, but still maintain high level of safety requirements.

4. What are the SFC KOENIG product requirements on the bore tolerance and roughness?

Our customers can chose a higher tolerance range in comparison to other solutions, which sometimes has an important impact on costs, while still providing a superior sealing solution.

5. Compared with classical sealing solutions, what are advantages of SFC KOENIG products?

Safety in terms of sealing, as these are engineered solutions;  lifetime sealing adapted to the customer application; better automation of sealing assembly, downsizing of components, etc.

6. As I am aware, SFC KOENIG also has unique products for high pressure common rail. Could you share more details on these products?

We have a range of high pressure sealing solutions which are widely used for fuel injection systems. Working pressure above 2000 bar have been safely implemented in the field for many years.

7. Flow control is another business to SFC, what products are available to these markets?

We have introduced a range of micro valves for the auto industry. Our well-known solutions for Restrictor / nozzle are tested intensively by Chinese engineers.

8. Would SFC work with customers to innovate customized products?

Of course. A certain portion of our volume are customized solutions, based on our well-established product line. Customized solutions can be valuable for our customers. Having more than 5 billion sealing products in the field in many applications, our specialists offer their expertise to our customers to optimize their designs with highest safety standards.

9. The fourth Industrial Revolution is approaching, especially for auto industry, what are SFC KOENIG long-term plans?

SFC KOENIG will continue to serve our clients in the auto industry with unmatched quality and reliability of products, solutions, services and innovations.

10. What well-known customers does SFC serve?

Practically all well-known OEMS and tier 1 and 2 companies are our customers.