Legacy Products

You have reached this page because you are searching for a product that is no longer in production by SFC KOENIG. Please find a reference below to many obsolete items along with a short description and a cross link to the best alternative(s) that you can use in place of the old item. If you have any technical questions about the old product, please contact your local SFC Applications Engineer.

Obsolete ItemSuggested ReplacementForm/FitMaterial/Finish
CV 143-030CV 173-030SameDifferent
CV 143-040CV 173-040SameDifferent
CV 143-050CV 173-050SameDifferent
CV 143-060CV 173-060SameDifferent
CV 143-070CV 173-070SameDifferent
CV 143-080CV 173-080SameDifferent
CV 143-125SCV 173-125SSameDifferent
CV 143-156CV 173-156SameDifferent
CV 143-156SCV 173-156SameDifferent
CV 143-187CV 173-187SameDifferent
CV 143-187SCV 173-187SSameDifferent
CV 143-218CV 173-218SameDifferent
CV 143-218SCV 173-218SSameDifferent
CV 143-250SCV 173-250SSameDifferent
CV 143-281CV 173-281SameDifferent
CV 143-281SCV 173-281SSameDifferent
CV 143-343CV 173-343SameDifferent
CV 143-343SCV 173-343SSameDifferent
CV 143-406CV 173-406SameDifferent
CV 143-406SCV 173-406SSameDifferent
CV 143-562MB 850-140DifferentDifferent
CV 144-040CV 173-040SameDifferent
CV 163-040CV 173-040SameDifferent
CV 163-060CV 173-060SameDifferent
CV 163-070CV 173-070SameDifferent
CV 163-080CV 173-080SameDifferent
CV 163-090CV 173-090SameDifferent
CV 163-100CV 173-100SameDifferent
CV 163-156CV 173-156SameDifferent
CV 163-156SCV 173-156SSameDifferent
CV 163-160MB 850-160SameDifferent
CV 163-187CV 173-187SameDifferent
CV 163-187SCV 173-187SSameDifferent
CV 163-218CV 173-218SameDifferent
CV 163-250CV 173-250SameDifferent
CV 163-250SCV 173-250SSameDifferent
CV 163-281CV 173-281SameDifferent
CV 163-281SCV 173-281SSameDifferent
CV 163-312CV 173-312SameDifferent
CV 163-312SCV 173-312SSameDifferent
CV 163-343CV 173-343SameDifferent
CV 163-343SCV 173-343SSameDifferent
CV 163-406SCV 173-406SSameDifferent
CV 163-437CV 173-437SameDifferent
CV 163-468CV 173-120DifferentDifferent
CV 164-250CV 173-250SameDifferent
CV 168-050CV 173-050SameDifferent
CV 173-343S-LECV 173-343SDifferentDifferent
CV 173-562MB 850-140DifferentDifferent
CV 174-040CV 173-040SameSimilar
CV 223-281SCV 173-281SSameDifferent
CV 224-187SCV 173-187SSameDifferent
CV 224-312CV 173-312SameDifferent
CV 531-125SCV 588-125SSameSimilar
CV 531-156CV 533-156SameSimilar
CV 531-156SCV 588-156SSameSimilar
CV 531-187CV 588-187SameSimilar
CV 531-187SCV 588-187SSameSimilar
CV 531-218CV 588-218SameSimilar
CV 531-218SCV 588-218SSameSimilar
CV 531-250CV 588-250SameSimilar
CV 531-250SCV 588-250SSameSimilar
CV 531-281CV 588-281SameSimilar
CV 531-343SCV 173-343SSameDifferent
CV 531-375CV 588-375SameSimilar
CV 531-406MB 700-100DifferentSimilar
CV 531-875MB 700-220DifferentSimilar
CV 533-050MB 600-050SameSimilar
CV 533-125SCV 588-125SSameSimilar
CV 533-156SCV 588-156SSameSimilar
CV 533-187CV 588-187SameSimilar
CV 533-187ESCV 588-187SDifferentSimilar
CV 533-187SCV 588-187SSameSimilar
CV 533-218CV 588-218SameSimilar
CV 533-218SCV 588-218SSameSimilar
CV 533-250SCV 588-250SSameSimilar
CV 533-281CV 588-281SameSimilar
CV 533-281SCV 588-281SSameSimilar
CV 533-312CV 588-312SameSimilar
CV 533-343CV 588-343SameSimilar
CV 533-343SCV 173-343SSameDifferent
CV 533-375CV 588-375SameSimilar
CV 533-406MB 600-100DifferentSimilar
CV 533-406SMB 600-100DifferentSimilar
CV 533-437MB 600-120DifferentSimilar
CV 533-468MB 600-120DifferentSimilar
CV 533-562MB 600-140DifferentSimilar
CV 533-687MB 700-180DifferentSimilar
CV 534-080MB 600-080SameSimilar
CV 534-125SCV 588-125SSameSimilar
CV 534-156CV 533-156*SameSimilar
CV 534-218CV 588-218SameSimilar
CV 534-406SCV 173-406SSameDifferent
CV 534-562MB 600-140DifferentSimilar
CV 534-875MB 700-220DifferentSimilar
CV 538-437MB 600-120DifferentSimilar
CV 553-156SCV 588-156SSameSimilar
CV 554-250SCV 588-250SSameSimilar
CV 588-406MB 600-100DifferentSimilar
CV 851-120MB 850-120SameSimilar
CV 851-156CV 588-156SameDifferent
CV 851-187CV 588-187SameDifferent
CV 851-218CV 588-218SameDifferent
CV 851-218SCV 588-218SSameDifferent
CV 851-250CV 588-250SameDifferent
CV 851-250SCV 588-250SSameDifferent
CV 851-281MB 850-281E*SameSimilar
CV 851-281SCV 588-281SSameDifferent
CV 851-312CV 588-312SameDifferent
CV 851-343MB 850-343E*SameSimilar
CV 851-375MB 850-090DifferentSimilar
CV 851-406MB 850-100DifferentSimilar
CV 851-468MB 850-468E*SameSimilar
CV 851-562MB 850-140DifferentSimilar
CV 851-750MB 850-200DifferentSimilar
CV 999-030MB 600-030DifferentDifferent
CV 588-030MB 600-030DifferentSimilar
CX 164-312-3CV 173-312DifferentDifferent
CX 164-343-3CV 173-343DifferentDifferent
CX 164-406-3       CV 173-406DifferentDifferent
HK040CK55-111AKSKC 550-040DifferentSimilar
HK040CK55-211AKSK 552-040DifferentSimilar
HK050CK55-111AKSKC 550-050DifferentSimilar
HK050CK55-211AKSK 552-050DifferentSimilar
HK060CK55-111AKSKC 550-060DifferentSimilar
HK060CK55-211AKSK 552-060DifferentSimilar
HK063CK55-111AKSKC 550-070DifferentSimilar
HK070CK55-111AKSKC 550-070DifferentSimilar
HK080CK55-111AKSK 550-080DifferentSimilar
HK080CK55-211AKSK 552-080DifferentSimilar
HK090CK55-111AKSK 550-090DifferentSimilar
HK100CK55-111AKSK 550-100DifferentSimilar
HK100CK55-211AKSK 552-100DifferentSimilar
HK794CK55-111AKSK 550-080DifferentSimilar
LP 900-040LK 950-040 or MB 850-050DifferentSimilar
LP 900-050LK 950-050 or MB 850-060DifferentSimilar
LP 900-060LK 950-060 or MB 850-070DifferentSimilar
LP 900-070LK 950-070 or MB 850-080DifferentSimilar
LP 900-080LK 950-080 or MB 850-090DifferentSimilar
LP 900-090LK 950-090 or MB 850-100DifferentSimilar
LP 900-100LK 950-100 or MB 850-120DifferentSimilar
LP 900-120LK 950-120 or MB 850-140DifferentSimilar
SK550-040SKC 550-040SimilarSimilar
SK550-050SKC 550-050SimilarSimilar
SK550-060SKC 550-060SimilarSimilar
SK550-070SKC 550-070SimilarSimilar

*Please contact your local SFC Applications Engineer with questions


Our parts are proven reliable in a variety of industries and applications, including transportation, fluid power, precision and micro-hydraulics.


Our sealing and flow control solutions comply with global quality assurance and certification standards.