SFC Koenig ball expansion plugsAs a leading sealing and flow control manufacturer, SFC KOENIG® is built on core quality objectives that have not changed since the original company was founded in 1927: designing, manufacturing, integrating and supporting high-quality expander seals – offering both pull type and push-type ball expansion plugs – as well as flow control products. The SFC KOENIG product line of metal-to-metal seal solutions provides industry-leading reliability in an easy-to-install, one-piece package. With over 5 billion parts installed and failure rates less than 1 PPM, customers around the world rely on us for precision sealing applications.

Learn more about our push-style KOENIG EXPANDER® and pull-style KOENIG EXPANDER® designs or click on the seal expander model below for quick access to sealing solution specifications. Use our Product Selector to quickly identify the best standard expander seal model for your application, with options to sort by pull type plugs and ball expansion plugs, pressures, sizes and more.

SFC KOENIG is continually improving and refining its Sealing & Flow Control product portfolio. In case you are looking for technical information about a legacy product please go here or contact us for support.

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