KOENIG EXPANDER® series plugs form a secure, leak proof, metal-to-metal seal in drilled holes and ports. They provide reliable performance and integrity to critical fluid transport and pressurized fluid systems. With more than 5 billion parts installed, and failure rates less than 1 part per million (PPM), SFC KOENIG delivers proven metal-to-metal sealing solutions.

Product Comparison Chart

Product FeaturesPush StylePull StyleBallSet ScrewO-Ring PlugWelding
Use in as-drilled hole
High pressure system (>3000 psi)
Multi point, engineered sealing solution
Metal-to-metal sealing
No contamination or debris during installation
No additional chemical sealants or compounds required
Fast assembly suitable for high volume production
Operator independent controlled installation
Low scrap / rework cost
Uniform stress on the surrounding wall
Reliability & safety in variable fatigue, temperature, vibration conditions
Pressure Rating:Up to 450 bar (6500 psi)
Metric Sizes:Ø 3.0-22.0 mm
Inch Sizes:Ø 0.093-0.875″
Materials:Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium
Pressure Rating:Up to 500 bar (7200 psi)
Metric Sizes:Ø 3.0-18.0mm
Inch Sizes:Available upon request
Materials:Carbon steel, stainless steel

The Right Solution for Your Sealing Challenge

KOENIG EXPANDERS are available in both push and pull style plugs to address a wide variety of installations including: high pressure systems, deep locations, or angled port applications. Our metal-to-metal sealing technology eliminates the potential for leaks associated with O-rings, gaskets, balls, and other conventional sealing products.

Easy, Debris-Free Installation Saves Time and Money

With a one-piece design and a variety of manual and automated setting tools, SFC KOENIG components allow for quick, easy installation without the risk of contaminating or damaging surrounding systems and materials. Plus, KOENIG EXPANDERS are:

  • Precision manufactured with liberal tolerances and a smart design that eliminates installation errors
  • Ready-to-install without reaming, tapping, threading, or supplemental sealants
  • Uniquely suited to high-volume production
  • Cost-effective through the reduction of overall labor, parts and waste
  • Customizable – we can produce customer-specific plugs for your application

Our Team is Ready to Meet Your Needs

Founded in 1927, and the original inventor of the one-piece metal-to-metal sealing solution for drilled holes and ports, SFC KOENIG offers decades of experience in sealing and flow control applications. We provide global sales with local engineering support, and our expert team can assist in the selection or development of components for your unique application.

Tell us about your metal-to-metal sealing challenges and requirements today. Simply complete our brief contact form to get started.