Quality and Service Focused Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mon, 07/27/2020

A Quality-Focused Commitment to Serving Customers’ Sealing & Flow Control Needs

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SFC KOENIG® has worked to protect health and safety, adapting processes to best serve customers while providing solutions for new medical applications.

As a global organization with manufacturing locations in Switzerland, Germany, the United States and China, SFC KOENIG has actively supported customers as the effects of COVID-19 spread across the globe.

“All of our manufacturing locations remain open,” stated Tom Ryan, Head of Product Management at SFC KOENIG. “We are so proud of the dedication shown by our team, who quickly adapted to these unprecedented times and continually maintained our complete commitment to quality and excellence.”

The company has modified some of its processes during recent months to help protect the health and safety of employees and visitors, as well as to provide support to customers who have new, remote working situations.

While customers are able to visit SFC KOENIG facilities, and company staff continue to be able to visit customer locations when necessary, the organization has increased its usage of video conferencing for product development support, application reviews, testing and more.

“We’re adapting and remaining flexible,” noted Ryan. “From using shared, interactive 3D CAD models that show our KOENIG EXPANDER® seals in new designs, to presenting testing results for flow control products via video conference, we have been pleased at the customer response. In everything we do we work to serve our customers with superior quality. Usually that is driven by the unsurpassed value of our product line, but now, we are adding to our value even more by working to support people in new ways that are best for their requirements and their preferences.”

As a unit of IDEX corporation, the company has benefitted from guidance on how to maintain operations, adjust process and remain compliant to standards as the pandemic evolved.

Like many modern and technology-driven manufacturers, SFC KOENIG also quickly reacted to the needs of a changing market in recent months.

“While we serve a wide variety of applications, automotive and fluid power is historically a significant portion of our business,” noted Ryan. “However, with COVID-19, there has been an increased demand for medical equipment solutions. It is part of our company’s core value system to prioritize health and safety, and we are always guided by a commitment to act as a responsible global organization. Our team has worked tirelessly to rapidly serve customers with medical application requirements, and I am proud to say that our products were used in critical applications around the world.”

With more than 5 billion parts installed and failure rates less than 1 PPM, SFC KOENIG components are recognized for unsurpassed reliability. This level of quality was an ideal fit for new medical designs and applications, in which performance was critical and operating conditions were often unique.

The company provides expander seals, check valves and flow restrictors for a wide variety of medical assemblies and devices including ventilators, respiratory devices, stretchers, hospital beds and more.

“Quality is at the core of everything we do at SFC KOENIG,” stated Ryan. “It’s in our products, the way we care for others, and how we do our jobs. Customers can continue to rely on our team and our parts for unrivaled excellence, and we look forward to working together to solve every new challenge.”

SFC KOENIG® provides sealing and flow solutions for medical applications including ventilators, respiratory devices and equipment.

With manufacturing and distributor locations worldwide, SFC KOENIG® has remained open during the pandemic, adapting many of its processes to serve customer needs and preferences.

SFC KOENIG® engineering and product support teams are able to support customers in person, and via a variety of video conferencing and electronic methods to help protect health and safety.

The company’s product line includes KOENIG EXPANDER® sealing plugs as well as KOENIG CHECK VALVE® and KOENIG RESTRICTOR® components for flow control applications.