SFC KOENIG: A History of Success & Continuous Expansion

The history of SFC KOENIG® originated in the foundation of a light construction engineering business back in 1927 by Dr. Max Koenig, Ph.D. in Engineering. With humble beginnings in custom-made sheet metal manufacturing, the company first evolved into the corporate name KVT-Koenig AG in 1985.

In 2014 that changed into the new company name and brand – SFC KOENIG – while remaining the leading global manufacturer of sealing and flow control technology. The company today can look back on a successful history, and forward to a promising future, being well positioned globally with its innovative sealing and flow control technology products and solutions. See a brief history below of how our world-leading company has grown and matured over the last 86 years.

  • Founded in Zurich, Switzerland by Dr. Max Koenig as a light construction engineering business.

  • The business grows, adding fastening solutions to its product list.

  • Dietikon 1950
    In 1950, the company’s headquarters moved to Dietikon, Switzerland.

  • Dietikon 1963
    In 1963 the company changed its name from Dr. Max Koenig to Dr. Ing. Koenig AG, yet remained focused on custom-made sheet metal work.