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SFC KOENIG is pleased to announce it will be an exhibitor at IFPE 2017, held March 7-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company will showcase its products in South Hall 3 at booth S81351. Show attendees can meet with SFC KOENIG engineers and review the company’s leading sealing and flow control solutions.

Representatives from SFC KOENIG will be available to discuss your specific application requirements and review capabilities of KOENIG EXPANDER® sealing plugs, as well as KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® flow control products. Visit the company’s IFPE booth to:

• Learn about new flow control products
• Meet with SFC KOENIG application engineers
• Watch daily installation demonstrations at 10:30am & 2:30pm. Demos will feature hand-held ExTool models as well as the hydropneumatic ExPress table press.

Please contact SFC KOENIG for more information, or to request a special discount code for IFPE registration.

• Purchase agreement signed by current shareholders to sell Swiss manufacturer SFC KOENIG to a subsidiary of IDEX Corporation, a US listed company
• SFC KOENIG expected to remain a standalone company and benefit from access to new markets and segments via IDEX’s global platform
• Transaction expected to close by September 2016

Dietikon (Switzerland), 28 July 2016 – SFC KOENIG, a global leader of sealing and flow control solutions, will soon become a part of the US-based specialty manufacturer IDEX Corporation (“IDEX”), a global fluidics leader and multi-brand corporation that serves high growth specialized markets.

SFC KOENIG’s major shareholders – funds advised by private equity companies Capvis and HgCapital – signed a purchase agreement to sell all shares to IDEX, which has more than 7,000 employees worldwide, operates facilities in 24 countries and generated a turnover of more than 2 billion US dollars in 2015. The transaction is still subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close by September 2016.

In recent years, SFC KOENIG has built up a position of strength providing for excellent future prospects. The company was able to continually increase its market share and presents an impressive track record in the production of unmatched technology.

“We are happy to join the IDEX family, a platform which convinced us to be an ideal environment to support our initiatives and achieve our long term targets,” says Alparslan Kütükçüoglu, CEO of SFC KOENIG. “Both our companies are committed to highly engineered products, innovation and deep customer relationships.”

SFC KOENIG is a global leader in sealing technology. Based in Dietikon, Switzerland, the Company has subsidiaries in Germany, the USA and China and maintains a network of distribution partners throughout the world. SFC KOENIG is continuously broadening its core competency – built and established over 40 years – by expanding its product range and geographical reach. Product quality and manufacturing processes of SFC KOENIG are certified, amongst others, according the following international standards: ISO 14001, ISO AS/EN 9100, ISO TS 16949, and ISO 9001.

Alparslan Kütükçüoglu
Phone: +41 (0)44 7434610

1. SFC KOENIG is the leader of sealing technology, especially for the auto industry - could you introduce briefly your products for automotive?

Our products take care of safety and control of all sorts of components related to fluid systems, starting with hydraulics, but also fuel systems, cooling systems, etc. Engineers of our customers design-in our products with the help of our specialists. Our solutions command highest in class performance and quality. 

2. How should one define a good sealing solution? What requirements are always a top priority?

Sealing solution should make sure to offer lifetime safety.  Therefore our specialists work closely with customers to qualify our solutions in the specific application and requirements of the client. Further it should offer an advantage from the Total Cost of Ownership point of view. SFC KOENIG has the broadest product line in the industry and can offer the optimal solution. SFC KOENIG has more than 40 years of experience in sealing solutions, with a long in-field quality performance below 1 ppm. 

3. How does sealing impact on the quality of braking, oil injection, engines and transmission?

First and foremost: safety and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, these products are critical for proper system function. Design engineers of our customers can simplify and improve the designs of components. They can downsize and reduce weight, but still maintain high level of safety requirements. 

4. What are the SFC KOENIG product requirements on the bore tolerance and roughness?

Our customers can chose a higher tolerance range in comparison to other solutions, which sometimes has an important impact on costs, while still providing a superior sealing solution. 

5. Compared with classical sealing solutions, what are advantages of SFC KOENIG products?

Safety in terms of sealing, as these are engineered solutions;  lifetime sealing adapted to the customer application; better automation of sealing assembly, downsizing of components, etc.

6. As I am aware, SFC KOENIG also has unique products for high pressure common rail. Could you share more details on these products?

We have a range of high pressure sealing solutions which are widely used for fuel injection systems. Working pressure above 2000 bar have been safely implemented in the field for many years. 

7. Flow control is another business to SFC, what products are available to these markets?

We have introduced a range of micro valves for the auto industry. Our well-known solutions for Restrictor / nozzle are tested intensively by Chinese engineers. 

8. Would SFC work with customers to innovate customized products?

Of course. A certain portion of our volume are customized solutions, based on our well-established product line. Customized solutions can be valuable for our customers. Having more than 3 billion sealing products in the field in many applications, our specialists offer their expertise to our customers to optimize their designs with highest safety standards. 

9. The fourth Industrial Revolution is approaching, especially for auto industry, what are SFC KOENIG long-term plans?

SFC KOENIG will continue to serve our clients in the auto industry with unmatched quality and reliability of products, solutions, services and innovations. 

10. What well-known customers does SFC serve?

Practically all well-known OEMS and tier 1 and 2 companies are our customers.


KOENIG CHECK VALVES feature a ball style, one-piece, self-contained design for quick and precise flow control, and can be used to maintain system pressure and prevent backflow. The new components are available in both forward-flow and reverse-flow models in a range of standard size diameters, cracking pressures and flow rates. The check valves can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The new check valve product line features many of the benefits also found in KOENIG RESTRICTORS and KOENIG EXPANDERS, including unique suitability for high-volume production applications that require fast assembly. SFC KOENIG components do not require thread machining, do not generate debris, and prevent contamination during installation. Their unique metal-to-metal seal design requires no additional sealants or threads, which decreases installation effort for the customer. SFC KOENIG parts offer unrivaled performance, with field failure rates less than 0.5 PPM (parts per million).

“We’re very excited to apply our sealing and flow control expertise to new product designs,” said Alparslan Kütükcüoglu, CEO of the company. “Customers rely on us for solution-oriented engineering, and we manufacture parts that meet the strictest quality, safety and security requirements. With KOENIG CHECK VALVES added to KOENIG RESTRICTORS and KOENIG EXPANDERS, we can solve even more of our customers’ sealing and flow control challenges. In addition, we continue to provide the very best service while reducing customers’ production risks, processes and efforts.”

The company offers engineering and design support on all components, from development through production. KOENIG RESTRICTORS and KOENIG CHECK VALVES are available in stainless steel as a standard material, with sizes and flow rates that can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The company’s products are utilized in diverse array of industries, including automotive, commercial vehicles, hydraulics, marine, medical, transportation and aerospace.


SFC KOENIG is a worldwide supplier of sealing and flow control components, with over 85 years in operation. Headquartered in Dietikon, Switzerland, SFC KOENIG offers 3 main subsidiaries in Germany, the US and China, in addition to 17 global distributors. SFC KOENIG was previously named KVT-KOENIG Group. The company changed its name in April of 2014 and refined its focus solely to sealing and flow control technologies.

SFC KOENIG operates with ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS 9100 certified standards, and is the original inventor of the one-piece, metal-to-metal sealing solution. With over 3 billion parts installed, SFC KOENIG offers the unique ability to produce customized components that increase reliability and efficiency, optimizing total customer costs while maintaining strict quality standards and an unrivaled performance, with field failure rates less than 0.5 PPM (parts per million).

Additional information is available at:


- Product overview: CHECK VALVE & RESTRICTOR


For more information please contact:

North & South America 

Thomas Ryan

Product Manager

direct: +1 203 245 1100 ext. 122

For Europe and Asia 

Brian Däppen 

Product Manager

Direct: +41 44 743 46 67

In April 2014, KVT-Koenig became SFC KOENIG. This is the result of the sale of our Fastening Division to the Bossard Group in October 2012.

Our name and logo are different, but our focus and commitment to provide the highest quality engineered solutions for sealing and flow control remains unchanged.  The SFC KOENIG name and our well-known product brands, KOENIG EXPANDER and KOENIG RESTRICTOR, support our mission to be the Leader in Sealing and Flow Control Technology.

SFC KOENIG carries with it the over 85 year history of KVT-Koenig:

  • The original inventor of the one-piece, metal to metal sealing solution over 40 years ago
  • ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certified
  • Over 3 billion installations
  • 0.5 PPM

SFC KOENIG LLC (U.S.) has been awarded the AS9100 Rev C Certification.  AS9100 is the internationally recognized Quality Management System standard specific to the aerospace, aviation and defense industries. This standard is followed by major aerospace OEMs and is increasingly required by vendors.

The AS9100 quality standard is based on ISO 9001, adding stringent requirements specific to the aviation, space and defense industry. Among other changes, revision C brings the standard in line with ISO9001:2008 and expands the scope of coverage to include land and sea based systems for defense applications.

The AS9100 Certification is a reflection of SFC KOENIG LLC’s commitment to the quality of our products and to our customers.  The designation is the result of the company passing stringent audit requirements and evaluations of our manufacturing processes to achieve the standard of quality required in the aerospace industry.  Companies achieving certification report:

- Improved product quality and on-time delivery

- More efficient labor

- Increased customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships

Copies of our certification are available on our website. For questions please contact us.



Our parts are proven reliable in a variety of industries and applications, including transportation, fluid power, precision and microhydraulics.


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SFC KOENIG’s efficient business networks span the globe with locations in all key regions and a broad network of Distribution Partners.



Our sealing and flow control solutions comply with global quality assurance and certification standards.