SFC KOENIG® 最新产品KOENIG CHECK VALVES®系列单向阀,丰富了密封和流体控制产品,为您带来更多便利

星期三, 09/10/2014 – 21:00

KOENIG CHECK VALVES feature a ball style, one-piece, self-contained design for quick and precise flow control, and can be used to maintain system pressure and prevent backflow. The new components are available in both forward-flow and reverse-flow models in a range of standard size diameters, cracking pressures and flow rates. The check valves can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The new check valve product line features many of the benefits also found in KOENIG RESTRICTORS and KOENIG EXPANDERS, including unique suitability for high-volume production applications that require fast assembly. SFC KOENIG components do not require thread machining, do not generate debris, and prevent contamination during installation. Their unique metal-to-metal seal design requires no additional sealants or threads, which decreases installation effort for the customer. SFC KOENIG parts offer unrivaled performance, with field failure rates less than <1 PPM (parts per million).

“We’re very excited to apply our sealing and flow control expertise to new product designs,” said Alparslan Kütükcüoglu, CEO of the company. “Customers rely on us for solution-oriented engineering, and we manufacture parts that meet the strictest quality, safety and security requirements. With KOENIG CHECK VALVES added to KOENIG RESTRICTORS and KOENIG EXPANDERS, we can solve even more of our customers’ sealing and flow control challenges. In addition, we continue to provide the very best service while reducing customers’ production risks, processes and efforts.”

The company offers engineering and design support on all components, from development through production. KOENIG RESTRICTORS and KOENIG CHECK VALVES are available in stainless steel as a standard material, with sizes and flow rates that can be customized to meet customer requirements.

The company’s products are utilized in diverse array of industries, including automotive, commercial vehicles, hydraulics, marine, medical, transportation and aerospace.


SFC KOENIG is a worldwide supplier of sealing and flow control components, with over 85 years in operation. Headquartered in Dietikon, Switzerland, SFC KOENIG offers 3 main subsidiaries in Germany, the US and China, in addition to 17 global distributors. SFC KOENIG was previously named KVT-KOENIG Group. The company changed its name in April of 2014 and refined its focus solely to sealing and flow control technologies.

SFC KOENIG operates with ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified standards, and is the original inventor of the one-piece, metal-to-metal sealing solution. With over 3 billion parts installed, SFC KOENIG offers the unique ability to produce customized components that increase reliability and efficiency, optimizing total customer costs while maintaining strict quality standards and an unrivaled performance, with field failure rates less than <1 PPM (parts per million).

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