SFC KOENIG has set itself the target of offering its customers added value and tangible advantages through an extensive range of products in the areas of sealing technology and flow control.

SFC KOENIG uses resources responsibly, which is expressed by its proactive efforts to protect the environment.

SFC KOENIG aims to provide its employees with a healthy and safe working environment. We take preventive action in advance to prevent any damages to employees and the company.

Within the meaning of effectiveness and sustainability:


  • we work according to the IDEX values, behaviors which encourage our expert employees to do their best every day by undertaking to adhere to the values of trust, team and excellence as well as the code of conduct and ethics escalation policy.

Interested parties

  • we set our corporate targets according to the interests and requirements of our stakeholder groups, which include our customers, IDEX, all employees, sales partners, suppliers, society, neighborhood, authorities and the environment.

Customer requirements

  • we guarantee preferential treatment and consistency by having an in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements and needs, so that we offer products, systems and services which meet or even exceed their expectations. This will enable us to continue our successful business activities in the long term.


  • we adhere to legal requirements, all official decrees, occupational safety and health legislation as well as the standards we are bound by: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.

The environment / safety

  • we work constructively with customers, authorities, suppliers and the general public to manage ecological and safety-related duties. We also undertake to protect the environment, to provide a healthy and safe working environment, and to reduce environmental and occupational safety and health burdens.

Continual improvement

  • we strive for further development in all processes by constantly looking out for any opportunities for continual improvements. Our motivated and systematically trained / professionally developed staff make an active contribution to this.

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