Our Industry Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, more than 3 billion pieces installed and field failure rates less than 1 PPM, SFC KOENIG® is the leader in sealing and flow control technology.

SFC KOENIG solutions are used in several industries, wherever safe, reliable sealing and flow control is needed. KOENIG EXPANDER®, KOENIG RESTRICTOR® and KOENIG CHECK VALVE® solutions are found anywhere seals or flow control technologies are required to meet the most stringent levels of quality, safety and security. Our broad portfolio of these small but extremely resilient components, including flow control orifices, flow control check valves, and expander plugs, are used across a wide spectrum of solutions.

TRANSPORTATION which represents the automotive and commercial vehicle industries
FLUID POWER which includes the mobile and stationary hydraulic industries
PRECISION which is made up of the medical, aviation and aerospace, offshore and maritime industries

SFC KOENIG does not just supply standard products and individual components, but also provides close and active customer support in the search for ideal solutions, particularly when specific requirements must be fulfilled. Our portfolio is complemented by a range of innovative setting tools and installation machinery and, if needed can be integrated into automated, serial production workflows.

SFC KOENIG has stood for best-in-class reliability and sustainability for over 86 years of engineering excellence.

Application Showcase



Our parts are proven reliable in a variety of industries and applications, including transportation, fluid power, precision and microhydraulics.


Global presence

SFC KOENIG’s efficient business networks span the globe with locations in all key regions and a broad network of Distribution Partners.



Our sealing and flow control solutions comply with global quality assurance and certification standards.