The History behind


The roots of SFC KOENIG® originate in the foundation of a light construction engineering business back in 1927 by Dr. Max Koenig, Ph.D. in Engineering. With humble beginnings in custom-made sheet metal working, the company first evolved into the company name KVT-Koenig AG in 1985.

In 2014 that changed into the new company name and brand – SFC KOENIG – while remaining the leading global manufacturer of sealing and flow control technology. The company today can look back on a successful history, and forward to a promising future, being well positioned globally with its innovative sealing and flow control technology products and solutions. See a brief history below of how our world-leading company has grown and matured over the last 86 years.


Dr. Max Koenig started offering engineering services to the light construction engineering sector in Zurich, Switzerland.


The portfolio of the company was extended to include blind rivets and fastening elements. At the end of the year, the company moved into new, more suitable headquarters in Dietikon, Switzerland.


The company changed its name to ‘Dr. Ing. Koenig AG’.


Following another name change to “Koenig Verbindungstechnik AG” (KVT), the company entered the sealing and flow control manufacturing business where it has remained ever since and now leads the industry.


The company expanded into a second location in Illerrieden, Germany, a 100% subsidiary.


This year saw the birth of the KOENIG EXPANDER®, which is still being developed and produced today at its headquarters in Dietikon. This reliable, no-leak expander plug seal is used in a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic systems around the world.


Dr. Ing. Koenig AG became “Koenig Verbindungstechnik AG” (KVT).


Debrunner-Koenig Holding (DKH) was founded as a member of the Klöckner Group.


The Austrian company MBB was acquired and henceforth KVT was represented in Asten/Linz.


KVT expanded the international presence with its location in Gdañsk, Poland.


The Czech market was served by the KVT branch office in Brno.


KVT acquired its first US company, Farmington Engineering.


As the result of a leveraged buy-out Koenig Verbindungstechnik parted company with Debrunner-Koenig Holding AG. KVT acquired its second US company, Sherex Industries.


KVT-Koenig, LLC, the first non-European branch was established as the result of the acquisition of the two US companies. From that moment, the American market was served by KVT directly.


KVT expanded its international presence to Ljubljana, Slovenia; Bucharest, Rumania; Bratislava, Slovakia and Budapest, Hungary. In the US, KVT-Koenig LLC relocated from Madison, CT to North Haven, CT.

In the same year, the successful KVT branches worldwide joined forces as members of the even stronger “KVT Solutioneering Group.”


The KVT Solutioneering Group followed its strategy, further continuing expansion into attractive markets and regions by founding national organizations in South America (Brazil) and Asia (China).


The Sealing division of the KVT-Koenig Group at this point achieved approximately 5,000 active customers and 2,000 product items. The Fastening division similarly reached approximately 23,000 active customers and approximately 68,000 product items. At the end of the year, the Bossard Group took over the Fastening division of the KVT Group and consequently acted as the independent company KVT-Fastening Group. Along with the core area of fastening technology, the KVT-Fastening Group continues to be a sales partner in the ongoing business of KVT-Koenig.


KVT-Koenig remained the global leader in sealing and flow control technology with its core products, KOENIG EXPANDER® sealing plugs and KOENIG RESTRICTOR® orifices. In addition to its headquarters in Switzerland, the company operates with subsidiaries in Germany, the US and China and has a wide network of over 18 distribution partners.


The company changes its name and its brand to “SFC KOENIG – Leader in Sealing and Flow Control Technology” – with the focus solely on the Sealing and Flow Control Technology segment.



Our parts are proven reliable in a variety of industries and applications, including transportation, fluid power, precision and microhydraulics.


Global presence

SFC KOENIG’s efficient business networks span the globe with locations in all key regions and a broad network of Distribution Partners.



Our sealing and flow control solutions comply with global quality assurance and certification standards.