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SFC KOENIG is the new identity of KVT-Koenig. Even though we have changed our name and logo, our focus and our commitment to providing superior engineering solutions for sealing technology and control systems remains the same. Our new name supports our position as the world’s leading supplier of sealing and flow control solutions.

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The roots of SFC KOENIG lie in a flexible and innovative company, which was founded by Dr. Max Koenig, who received his PhD in Engineering in 1927. The company was originally focused on sheet metal processing, though throughout the years its capabilities and products expanded. In 1985, it was renamed KVT-Koenig AG. In 2014 the company again changed its name and brand to SFC KOENIG, to better reflect its position as a provider of the world's leading sealing and flow control solutions. The company is proud of its successful and innovative past, and is excited about the future.

SFC KOENIG is a global provider of products and solutions for sealing and flow control. Our core applications are in the transportation sector, in fluid control technology and precision engineering. We have main logistics centers in the United States, China and Germany, and our headquarters is located in Switzerland. With two production sites – in Switzerland and in the US - we are able to provide the highest level of service and efficiency. In addition, we have numerous distribution partners around the globe. More on our Global Presence.



Our parts are proven reliable in a variety of industries and applications, including transportation, fluid power, precision and microhydraulics.


Global presence

SFC KOENIG’s efficient business networks span the globe with locations in all key regions and a broad network of Distribution Partners.



Our sealing and flow control solutions comply with global quality assurance and certification standards.